What’s your NSSA score?


This is an excerpt from the article: Comparing Social Sentiment with Social CSAT: What’s your NSSA score?

Here at Midway Sky we have the luxury of two social Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions. But, how can clients leverage both products to get really powerful VoC insight and what new metrics become available?

One important area to track and compare is the sentiment of social mentions as they come in to your social customer service team, with a tangible customer satisfaction (CSAT) metric, post-interaction.

Essentially, how often are we able to manage a very dis-satisfied customer on Twitter or Facebook and, through proactive social customer service, turn that customer into an advocate or promoter?

We’re calling this new measure the ‘Negative Sentiment to Social Advocate’ metric (or NSSA for short). We measure how often you are able to turn an initial negative social mention into a satisfied social advocate!

So, how do you go about measuring your NSSA?

Using CSAT Central to capture customer satisfaction, post interaction:

CSAT Central enables social customer service teams to introduce post-interaction surveys, across channels like Twitter and Facebook, to capture tangible customer satisfaction scores.

  • Set up web-based surveys to capture a range of customer satisfaction metrics, from agent performance, through to customer effort score (CES) and net promoter score (NPS) metrics.
  • Social customer service agents are provided with a unique ‘shortlink’ that links to the web-based survey. Post-interaction, they can then use these shortlinks via direct or private messages to harness feedback.
  • We can then track each completed survey and match up with the initial social mention from DigiDesk, including the initial social sentiment score. This gives us the opportunity to measure the NSSA score!

It’s important to note that all of this happens in near real-time. So, we have real-time widgets within DigiDesk, tracking social sentiment and then another set of real-time widgets within CSAT Central, tracking question scores and CSAT metrics from customer surveys…

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