Monitoring Voice of the Customer (VoC), Across All Contact Channels

Following the introduction of text analytics into our CSAT platform earlier this year, we’ve witnessed a revolution in the ability to monitor VoC in real-time. Customer comments from both voice and digital channels are driving powerful feedback directly into live contact centre wallboards, immediately identifying trending topics and highlighting specific customer issues. This enables the contact centre to react quickly and effectively to resolve issues before they escalate or go viral on social media!

We deliver this real-time insight across all contact channels. So, whether a customer leaves a complaint on a voice survey or multiple customers raise a common issue via email, chat or social media channels, we deliver all of those comments to a live wallboard and run them through an automated sentiment engine and set of text analytics. Through a range of real-time widgets, we can very quickly track positive or negative sentiment, identify specific keywords and spot trending topics via the word cloud.

Once you’ve introduced post-interaction surveys across multiple contact channels, these are some of the real-time widgets that we can deliver to your live VoC wallboard:

Stream Verbatim Comments

All customer comments from digital channels stream instantly onto our comments widget. Voice comments can be transcribed, either manually or through an automated voice-to-text solution, and also streamed in the comments widget. Each comment also displays the survey score and either positive, negative or neutral sentiment.

Automated Sentiment Analysis

Our CSAT platform uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to determine positive or negative sentiment for each customer comment. A sentiment widget then tracks all the positive, negative and neutral comments, across channel. The sentiment widget makes it very easy to track a sudden shift in positive (green) to negative (red) comments.

Keyword Tables and Alerts

Keyword tables can be used to identify specific words or phrases within customer comments. These could relate to complaints or customer service issues. The keyword widget will track all comments in real-time and separate them into different pre-defined topics. Real-time alerts can also be triggered, when matching a specific keyword or phrase.

Trending Topics via Word Clouds

As opposed to keyword tables, the word cloud is totally unscripted. Therefore, it has the potential to highlight unforeseen keywords or phrases. The larger the keyword, the more often it has appeared in customer comments. Our word cloud widget is interactive, so you can click on any keyword, show all matching comments and explore the root cause.

Live VoC Wallboard, Tracking Customer Comments in Real-Time

Live VoC Wallboard, Tracking Customer Comments in Real-Time

Range of Analysis Reports

It’s not all about real-time insight. Our sentiment analysis and text analytics are also available in report form. This allows you to track and compare sentiment over time, analyse key topics and accurately measure the voice of your customer. All reports can be viewed online, as PDF or exported to CSV. Users can also schedule daily, weekly and monthly reports via email.

To understand more about how you could be leveraging real-time text analytics and sentiment analysis to monitor the voice of your customer, please contact us here to arrange a quick webex.