Measuring VoC (Voice of the Customer) across Multiple Channels

Customer experience management (CEM) is becoming big business. We are now competing in an environment where retaining customers is just as important as winning new ones and perhaps one of the only real areas we have left to differentiate from our competition is customer service.

Add to that the unheralded rise of social media as a contact channel. Customers are now far savvier about the service levels that they think they deserve for their custom and have a number of new channels to communicate their dissatisfaction (in the public domain).

As a result, businesses have ramped up their CEM and VoC programmes to meet this new challenge, offering more customer choice than ever before, across multiple contact channels. But, as well as opening up new contact channels, it is equally important to measure and compare customer satisfaction (CSAT) across these channels.

This is where CSAT Central becomes vital to any business running a VoC programme. We do not explicitly focus on one channel, but provide a truly multi-channel approach to CEM. Offering a CSAT solution across all major contact channels, including voice, email, web and social media. All delivered through a single solution, with real time wall boards and powerful reporting.

  • Post Call Voice Surveys – can be used to capture CES (Customer Effort Score) or NPS (Net Promoter Score) type measures. But, crucially, we offer tracking by individual agent, delivered to a live wall board. This ensures high levels of agent engagement in the CSAT process.
  • Email and Web Surveys – are both low cost options to gather vital feedback across each channel. Web surveys can be used at various stages of the buying cycle, to harness online feedback. Email surveys can be used in various ways to engage with existing customers and gather a wide range of customer opinion.
  • Social Media Surveys – are a powerful new way to gather real time customer insight, straight from channels like Twitter and Facebook. We can work with you to enable agents to ask for feedback (post interaction) and deliver customer scores and comments directly to a real time social dashboard.
  • Multi-Channel View – every score and comment is delivered to a customisable wall board, in real time. Views can be built specifically for the contact centre, customer experience or even Execs within the business (across multiple devices). Together with a range of standard and bespoke reports, also available across all channels.

CSAT Central live widgets and Real time wallboards

So, whilst it’s important to recognise that customers now demand a choice of contact channels… It is also just as important to start to measure and compare satisfaction levels across each channel and harness that feedback to improve and enhance the overall customer experience.

If your business is actively working on a Voice of the Customer programme, please get in touch with CSAT Central here to organise a quick demo on how a single solution from CSAT Central could really enhance your Customer Experience Management.