Integrating F2F surveys into your multi-channel CSAT programme

It’s interesting how customer requirements can sometimes drive innovation. Here at CSAT Central, we thought that we’d been pretty innovative by combining voice, email, web, chat and social media surveys into a single, multi-channel CSAT solution.

But, then up pops a prospect asking if we can integrate Face to Face (F2F) surveys into our solution.

Well, we like a challenge and actually found that much of the development was already in place. We did some work last year on a consumer ‘App’ to post positive and negative feedback across Facebook and Twitter. The App worked across multiple mobile devices, including tablets, and was able to capture ratings and comments, which were then sent to a live wall board.

Our prospect was looking for a means to capture CSAT scores and comments from a number of F2F locations. So, we immediately proposed the use of a similar, dedicated App that could be loaded onto a simple tablet device. The tablet could then be mounted on the counter, enabling the advisor to enter specific data, before ‘swivelling’ the tablet for the customer to provide anonymous feedback via the App.

From here, it’s quite a simple process for us to securely transfer the data from the App into our database and replicate other channels by delivering the scores, in real time, onto one of our web-based wall boards. Immediately, clients would be able to monitor and compare CSAT scores across voice, email, web, chat, social media and now a number of F2F locations. A true multi-channel solution, covering all major customer contact points.

CSAT Central face-to-face app

All we can really do is thank our prospect for scoping out this requirement and we hope they will be the first customer to take the F2F solution on board. Either way, we are now actively working on standardising the F2F feedback channel and adding it to our multi-channel CSAT solution so a wider set of clients can benefit.

If you are looking at ways to harness customer feedback from any face to face location, please get in touch with us using the contact form at the foot of this page to discuss your requirements and we would be more than happy to provide a demo!