Effective Multi-Channel Agent Evaluation

We joined a really interesting webinar last week, hosted by Netcall, that covered Unanswered Questions on Social Media Integration in the Contact Centre. The area that interested us most was a question raised about how to effectively evaluate agent performance across multiple channels.

Chris Rainsforth, from the Professional Planning Forum, fielded this question and stressed the importance of using a common post-interaction question for each channel so it is possible to measure and compare agent performance across each channel.

We couldn’t agree with Chris more and wanted to underline how, through CSAT Central, you can proactively start to measure both the voice of your customer, across multiple channels, but also introduce common questions within the voice and social channels to enable that agent comparison.

CSAT Central provides customer feedback solutions for voice, email, web, social media and face-to-face channels through a single application. All customer comments and scores are delivered, in real-time, to our web-based wall board, data overview and reporting system.

Individual agent performance can be tracked on both the voice channel and social media channels, through an Agent League Table ‘widget’. This ensures agents are compared, not by generic NPS or Customer Effort scores, but on a specific question relating to their own individual performance.

agent performance widget

So, in answer to the question, ‘How do we effectively measure agent performance across channel?’, we think that we have the answer. See if you agree by contacting us for a demo of the CSAT Central solution and seeing if you qualify for a thirty-day free trial.