Using a Combination of CSAT Metrics and Text Analytics to Measure VoC

No matter what channel you’re using to gain VoC (Voice of the Customer) feedback, there’s a need to measure both tangible metrics and capture verbatim comments. The CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) metrics are great for comparing customer scores and ratings across channel or trends over a period of time. But, the verbatim comments can be a goldmine for developing powerful customer insight.

With MWS CSAT, you’re able to monitor your question scores, agent performance and campaign scores in real-time. Whether you have a post-interaction voice survey or a bulk SMS campaign, it’s very simple to compare satisfaction scores and report on trends over time. In short, you have all the tangible metrics you could ever need to measure customer-driven CSAT scores, across channel.

But… what about monitoring what your customers are actually saying? Why did they give such a low rating, or what was the reason for that maximum agent performance score? By capturing verbatim comments and linking them to the survey, we can find out so much more about the voice of our customer. We can dig into that data and understand the key customer issues which are driving positive and negative sentiment.

Here, we take a look at a typical VoC campaign and how we can capture both tangible CSAT metrics and monitor a range of text analytics and sentiment analysis:

Tangible CSAT Metrics

  • Question Scores: Whether you’re using ratings, multiple choice options or Yes / No questions, we can track individual question scores in real-time.
  • Agent Performance: Every completed survey can be linked to an agent, so we can populate a live Agent Performance League Table.
  • Campaign Scores: All customer scores, across campaigns, will populate a range of widgets to track and compare performance across multiple channels.
  • CSAT / CES / NPS Widgets: A range of individual widgets measure customer satisfaction (CSAT), customer effort (CES) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Live Text Analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis: Uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to identify positive, negative and neutral keywords from verbatim comments.
  • Keyword Tables: Allows us to track a range of pre-determined keywords and phrases from our customer’s verbatim comments.
  • Word Clouds: Highlight the most common keywords from our verbatim comments. They show trending customer issues in real-time.
  • Custom Widgets: Allow you to create bespoke views of ‘customer complaints’ or ‘agent praise’ to stream live or report on over a period of time.

Through MWS CSAT, you can create an unlimited number of bespoke views for each campaign to focus on CSAT metrics, text analytics or a combination of both. Here’s an example VoC wallboard:


If you want to find out more about how you could be monitoring the Voice of your Customer more effectively, please contact us here to arrange a quick webex.