Capturing Tangible Customer Feedback on Social Media

Over the last few years brands have discovered a wealth of new VoC (Voice of the Customer) insight from social channels. They proactively monitor social media mentions and measure customer sentiment and trending topics.

But, they also have a new channel to capture more tangible and comparable CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) feedback. Brands can now ask for post-interaction feedback and even proactively send surveys to their followers.

Here at MWS, we’ve integrated our CSAT and DigiDesk products to offer:

1. Post-Interaction CSAT surveys, across Social Media

If you’re serving your customers on social media, it’s only logical to want to measure that customer service. By working with our DigiDesk platform, we enable social agents to manage customer service enquiries and then provide a link to a CSAT survey via direct or private messages.

By creating unique links, we track the details of the customer who completed the survey, link it back to the agent that carried out the customer service and can even compare the initial sentiment with the post-interaction CSAT score. We deliver all the customer scores and comments to our real-time wallboards.

2. Proactively Send CSAT Surveys to your Twitter Followers

If a customer has followed your Twitter account, it’s likely that they have a strong opinion about your brand and products. That makes your Twitter followers a great source of customer opinion and feedback. By hooking up with DigiDesk, we can manage a bulk send of surveys to your followers.

You can create surveys that gauge opinion on your brand, your products and measure more general NPS (Net Promoter Score) feedback. We capture all customer scores, feedback and verbatim comments in real-time and can generate a range of powerful sentiment analysis and text analytics.

3. Review a range of CSAT Metrics and Text Analytics, in Real-Time

Whether you’re using post-interaction CSAT surveys or asking your Twitter followers for feedback, we deliver all the scores and comments into our real-time wallboards. There are a range of widgets to track question scores, agent league tables, NPS score and overall campaign scores.

We then track verbatim comments in real-time, with automated sentiment analysis to highlight positive and negative comments. Keyword tables can be set up to track specific topics and a real-time word cloud shows trending keywords. All the data can be exported or delivered in a range of powerful reports.

Capturing Tangible CSAT Feedback

Live Wallboard Tracking NPS Score, with Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics

If you want to explore how you could be capturing more tangible customer feedback across your social media channels, please contact us here for a quick demo and to see if you qualify for a free trial…