How to Automatically send out SMS Surveys to your Voice Customers

We’ve been working on post-interaction voice surveys for a number of years now. Agents actively pass customers into an IVR survey and harness immediate feedback via customer satisfaction scores and verbatim comments. These campaigns provide excellent VoC (Voice of the Customer) feedback, showing a range of CSAT metrics with advanced text analytics.

However, there can be a problem with ‘cherry picking’ where agents control which customer calls are passed into the IVR survey. So, we’ve been actively working with our clients to come up with a solution to remove that agent control and get a much wider and more representative subset of customer feedback. This led us to launch our new Auto SMS Solution…

With an Auto SMS solution, we automatically identify a customer call from a mobile number and, post-interaction, we can automatically trigger an SMS survey request. In practice, the customer calls in and speaks to a customer service agent and, immediately after that interaction, receives a personalised SMS message asking them to provide feedback on their recent experience.

The agent has no control over which calls are passed into the survey and because of the ‘immediacy’ of the survey request, the survey uptake rate is very high. We capture all customer scores and comments in real-time and deliver them to a range of wallboards and reports. This solution provides a much wider range of positive and negative feedback from customer service interactions.

There are six primary steps for deploying our Auto SMS Solution:

  1. Automatically identify a customer calling in on a mobile number.
  2. Automatically trigger an SMS survey request, post-interaction.
  3. Apply rules to prevent survey requests, based on recent customer settings, black lists and maximum campaign caps.
  4. Set up SMS survey campaign, based on either invitations to a web-based survey or an interactive 2-way SMS survey.
  5. Design and customise the survey, with a range of question types to choose from and a range of branding options.
  6. Capture all customer scores and comments and deliver to a real-time wallboard, with advanced text analytics.

Real-Time Wallboard, showing all customer scores and comments:

Auto SMS Blog Image

Our new Auto SMS Solution is incredibly quick and easy to deploy, with zero integration and no agent training required. We can even provide a 30 day pilot, where we cap the number of outbound survey requests and tightly control all costs. Contact us now to get your own Auto SMS Solution up and running within 48 hours!