5 Steps to Effectively Measuring CSAT on Live Chat

Live chat as a customer service channel may still be in its infancy, but recent studies show that this emerging channel has enormous potential to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction (CSAT). But, how can you effectively measure CSAT on live chat and, more importantly, how can you track and compare individual agent performance?

Here at CSAT Central, we’ve been monitoring CSAT across the voice channel for years. Agents transfer calls into an automated IVR survey and we capture customer scores and comments and deliver them to a live dashboard. We even track scores by individual agent, so clients can track and compare agent performance.

More recently, we’ve integrated web and email surveys into our CSAT Central solution, which work on the provision of a unique hyperlink that connects to a bespoke web-based survey. Once again, all scores and comments are delivered to our multi-channel live dashboard and reporting modules. Clients can now compare CSAT scores across multiple channels.

So, when an existing customer came to us and asked whether we could do the same for Live Chat, we jumped at the chance! Essentially, we use the same technology to provide a unique hyperlink for each live chat agent, which links to a specific web-based survey and we track the question scores and comments in the same way as we’ve been doing for all our other channels.

Within the CSAT Central App you can now:

  1. Create an Agent Table, assigning each of your individual chat agents with a unique hyperlink that they use when they request customer feedback.
  2. Create your own bespoke chat survey, measuring CSAT, NPS, CES, VOC or whatever questions and comments you wish to capture.
  3. Configure your own bespoke dashboard, to measure question scores and review comments in real time from your live chat channel.
  4. Track and compare individual agent performance via our live Agent League Table ‘widget’, specifically for the chat channel.
  5. Access a range of performance and comparison reports, comparing not only live chat agents, but potentially comparing customer feedback across voice, email, web, social media and chat channels.

Now, all you need to do is implement a process where your chat agents simply ask for feedback within channel and paste in their own unique hyperlink, linking to our web-based survey. We do the rest, tracking customer feedback, scores and comments from your chat channel in real time and enabling you to easily measure and compare agent performance.

Please get in touch with us to organise a quick demo of the CSAT Central solution and see if you qualify for our thirty-day free trial.