Why We Need Tangible CSAT Metrics For Social Customer Service

There’s been a lot written about a social customer service revolution, where we’ve seen social media move from primarily a marketing channel, to a customer service channel.

Almost every blog we read talks about the high customer expectations on Twitter and Facebook and the need to respond quickly to tweets and posts in the public domain. Lots of work is being done on measuring ‘quantitative’ metrics around time-to-answer, AHT and first post resolution.

But, what is being done about the ‘qualitative’ metrics for social customer service? In every other contact channel, such as voice, web, email and chat, we already actively measure customer satisfaction. We measure NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score) and even new methodologies like Net Easy (BT’s customer effort score). So, why aren’t we doing the same for social customer service?

Historically, with social, we’ve had a simple benchmark. For years, marketing have been tracking ‘sentiment’ for their brands – i.e. monitoring how many positive and negative comments their brand receives. It’s easy to measure and compare across other brands and competitors. But, how useful is that metric for customer service? Does it tell us how good a job we’re doing on serving our social customers? Surely, it’s time to gain a more tangible CSAT metric and one that is more comparable with other contact channels?

So, the question is, ‘how’ do we ask for and capture social customer service feedback? Here, at CSAT Central, we’ve been exploring this area for some time and the primary feedback that we received from brands was that ‘they do not want to air their dirty laundry in public’! So, we needed to look at the use of private and direct messages to garner qualitative customer feedback. We then need to look at linking customers to a web survey to ask CSAT questions and capture verbatim feedback.

Therefore, the process we are now advocating for social agents is to carry out a social customer service interaction and directly at the end of that interaction, send the customer a private message to ask for feedback. We provide each agent with a unique hyperlink, which links to a web survey, so we are able to capture scores and comments (by agent) and track on a real time wall board. The wall board tracks average scores for each question, for each agent and even streams verbatim comments in real time. There is also a range of performance and comparison reports to review.

The net result is a tangible and comparable metric, specifically geared to tracking the quality of your social customer service. Every one of our social CSAT programmes is bespoke to that customer and needs some specific settings relating to the hyperlinks used. But, the reward is an ongoing VOC (Voice of the Customer) programme designed specifically for your social channel. Please get in touch to discuss how you can start monitoring your own social CSAT metric.