Introducing Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics for Verbatim Comments

CSAT Central has been capturing question scores and customer comments, across multiple channels, for some time now. We’ve perfected the real-time delivery of VoC (Voice of the Customer) feedback through live wallboards. We already do a pretty good job with our live data overview and reporting…

But, now we’ve introduced class-leading text analytics and sentiment analysis for verbatim comments. This means that whether you’re capturing feedback across voice, web, email, chat, SMS, social or even F2F channels, we can stream verbatim customer comments, determine sentiment and show related text analytics.

text analytics and sentiment analysis, screenshot, from MWS CSAT

In the example wallboard above, we are capturing verbatim comments and running sentiment analysis and text analytics to show:

Verbatim Comments: The volume of customer comments that we are receiving, across channel. This can be show as ‘buzz’ volume (as above) or we can stream the actual comments in real-time via our ‘comments widgets’.

Sentiment Analysis: Here, we are using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to determine positive or negative sentiment for each customer comment, using a 1-10 scale. Settings can be adjusted in the back end, including industry-specific keywords.

Keyword Tables: Can be used to define specific keywords and phrases that we wish to track in real-time. These could relate to complaints or customer service issues. Or, we could look to track any mention of a specific brand or product.

Word Clouds: Show us any ‘trending’ keywords or phrases. The beauty of word clouds is that they are totally unscripted and can highlight unforeseen spikes of a particular keyword or topic from a range of customer comments. The bigger the word, the more often that it is used…

With the introduction of these powerful new widgets to our real-time CSAT wallboards, users can really look to monitor VoC insight more closely than ever before. Keeping a finger on the pulse of not only question scores… but, also the key conversations and verbatim feedback that customers are providing, in real-time.

To understand more about how you could be leveraging real-time text analytics and sentiment analysis, across all your feedback channels, please feel free to contact us and set up a short demo of the new CSAT Central application for 2016!