The Importance of Multi-Channel CSAT

We can no longer define when and through which channel our customers should contact us. In today’s multi-channel world our customers still like to talk to us on the phone, but increasingly they are also looking to reach out to us over the web, through email and, of course, via social media channels. But, are we accurately measuring and tracking CSAT across all of these contact points?

Each channel has its own advantages and disadvantages, but clearly measuring CSAT levels across each one is essential to get a full picture of customer satisfaction:

  • Voice Surveys – the nature of voice enquiries is evolving, with customers often only needing to phone customer services when other channels have failed or the query is of a personal or complex nature. Post Call IVR Surveys are a fantastic way to measure the effectiveness of our agents and how well our call centre is resolving their enquiries.
  • Web Surveys – can be used for general feedback on all things online. However, they can also be a very useful source of customer insight when used at point of purchase. A quick web survey, post purchase, can often provide positive feedback on the online experience or indeed highlight areas that need improvement.
  • Email Surveys – are useful for bulk surveys, where an entire customer base can be surveyed periodically at a low cost. However, when used more strategically, powerful insight can be gained through tracking satisfaction levels throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Social Media – has massive potential for harnessing customer insight. The big issue has always been how we measure sentiment – ie how can we tell if ‘brand mentions’ are positive or negative? This is where our unique Post2Rate and Tweet2Rate products come in and provide tangible CSAT scores across social channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

CSAT Central already provides a market-leading Post Call IVR Survey, where CSAT scores are delivered to a live wall board. Now, we are presenting a Multi-Channel CSAT solution where customer satisfaction is captured, measured and delivered to the same live wall board and reporting system.

By working with CSAT Central, organisations will be able to measure and compare CSAT across every major customer contact point, in real time. You will then be able to compare and contrast satisfaction levels across each channel and immediately understand where you are delivering good service and where you need to improve.

Contact us now to discuss how we can work with you on developing a market-leading Multi-Channel CSAT solution and see if you qualify for a free trial!