Live CSAT with Agent Engagement

Everyone now knows the importance of measuring customer satisfaction. Measures such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) have been around a long time and there are many studies relating high NPS to profitable growth. Recently we’ve seen more of a trend towards CES (Customer Effort Score), which measures how easy or difficult it is for customers to do business with your organisation. Either way, there’s a general rule of thumb that happy customers spend more and are more loyal to your organisation.

There are also many ways to measure customer satisfaction (see our blog). However, one of the most important methods is to measure CSAT directly after speaking to a customer service agent. We then gain immediate insight into how the agents performed and whether the resolution was successful.

Post Call IVR Surveys are pretty commonplace in today’s contact centre world and with ‘warm’ agent transfers, we often see very high completion rates, providing a rich source of customer insight. The surveys can now also be ‘dynamic’ in that, if the answer to the first question is low, we can ask a different set of supplementary questions or even capture the caller’s comments as a voice file.

Live Contact Centre Wall Board

CSAT Central recognises the importance of ‘immediacy’ in Post Call IVR Surveys and delivers every CSAT question score up onto a live wall board. This web-based wall board has a series of widgets which shows a raft of customer insight in real time:

  • A breakdown of each individual CSAT question score
  • The volume of surveys per hour, with average CSAT score
  • A summary of today’s CSAT activity, with overall CSAT measure
  • An Agent League Table showing average CSAT scores for each agent

Enhanced Agent Engagement

Our solution design enables us to track CSAT scores by each individual agent. We are then able to populate a live Agent League Table on the wall board, showing which agents are providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We can even provide a pop-up window on the wall board when an agent receives a maximum score and congratulate the agent in front of the whole contact centre.

Clearly, by including these highly visible features within the CSAT solution, we see heightened levels of agent engagement. Our system is also very powerful for agent training and improvement, with a raft of agent comparison reports and also the ability to review individual CSAT scores and customer comments with the agent in question.

Gone are the days when customer satisfaction scores are hastily cobbled together into a monthly report and presented to the management team. Through CSAT Central, we can deliver valuable customer insight in real time delivered where and when it really matters. Contact Us to discuss your requirements and see if you qualify for a free trial.

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